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  • welcome to Final UtopiaA Divergence Point Event

    Human+ Project
    The Perfect Utopia

    Final Utopia is a short larp about ethical choices in a perfect utopian world. There is no secret dystopia around the corner, this much we promise. It will mostly be about player on player interaction in an online format that anyone can join. It will be held fully in English. If you want to know more, about the setting you can find this in the Human+ Project. There is also more available on the event itself.

    Event Info


    21st of August, 2021

    Session 3

    The evening will start at 19:00 CET on our Discord. Feel free to join the Discord in advance to plan ahead with fellow enthousiasts. The link to the Discord can be found in the bottom left or by clicking here. The link to the sign up is here.

  • Little about usBehind Final Utopia

    Who we are

    Final Utopia was an answer to the question of 'Could you make a LARP around a perfect world?'. Lending a lot of inspiration from Otherworld, SOMA and the Star Trek Teleportation Dillema, an idea was born.
    Anyone who wants to join to make the Human+ experience better is welcome. Recording voice lines, video editing, animation, art, even running a session. Everything can be improved upon, but it's set up so that it can be run by one person. If you have interest in helping, feel free to drop us a line at If you want to drop us a line to run a similar project or if you want to copy parts of it, we are happy to help and you can mail us at the same address.
    We are a part of the Divergence Point Foundation. They are a small not-for-profit foundation that aims to improve LARP throughout the world and leaves it's creators as much freedom as possible.

    More about Divergence Point

    Our Team

    Ben - Writer

    With almost 20 years of LARP experience and half as much as storyteller, I'm hoping to create an interesting experience that people can live from home. I've come up with the idea and set this LARP up, though I owe Nicholas thanks for ideastorming a bit with me and helping with some of the higher end IT stuff. I'm open to any help I can get, if you're inspired. Cheesy-coorperation picture on this page is required.

    Suk - Artist

    I'm here to do art design for the project. I'm currently mostly doing audio and video editing for the project, plus figuring out the mood board for pinterest. I am in the process of studying contemporary art in university, but I've had a long creative history. I've been storytelling for five years now, I've had three years of costuming experience and even published a book. In Ben's opinion, there isn't anything creative I'm not good at.

  • Final UtopiaWhat is it?

    Final Utopia will be a short LARP that will hopefully be run several times. It will be based on Discord, a free to use communication app. Should the event be really popular in the future, real life in the room events may follow. All events will be held in English, unless the group unanousmously decides otherwise and the host can provide this. If you want to know what to expect, this is the page for you.

    More information

    Event structure

    The event will take place on a single evening, starting with a welcome at 19:00 CET and some orientation around the evening. You will need to sign up for the Discord if you haven't already. There will be a place to meet your fellow players and to make any expectations known. After about 3 hours of guided play, we will check out and say goodbye to each other. More


    If you're more curious about the themes that will be explored and what you will get for signing up? You'll be able to find that here. More

    Play Limits

    Seeing as there are some heavy themes involved, you might be unsure what to expect. We'll establish some ground guidelines here. More


    Although any clothing is fine, we have guidelines on the look and feel of the event available More

  • Human+ ProjectHuman Life, but Better

    It has been a long road

    Living in a world with nuclear fusion and normalising temperatures, it might be hard to remember how we got to this global post-capitalisting paradise. For those who are younger and might not remember the old world, we've compiled some data. It is from this world that we come and we are very happy that old technologies can now be used by the United Earth Goverment to improve our living.

    Read the world history

    What is the project?

    Human+ Technology

    With a few brain scans you can be immortal. This may seem like science fiction, and in this simplified summary it may well be, but we are still finally there. With this technology we can construct a virtual you in the Web. We call this the SimulMind. It is very important to realize that the SimulMind is both you and not you. It will have all your experiences and memories, just not your human body. From it's perspective it is you. This SimulMind will then experience the world through the Web and many extensions and will have an all around better life. And with our servers being fully sustainably powered, it can live virtually forever. It is immortality, in a way, although at least one aspect of you will not experience this. See the reasons you might want to participate here.


    Your SimulMind is the collection of your experiences and memories up to the moment of the brainscan. It will be able to browse the Web and contact the real world through terminals and camera's set up for this purpose. There are even androids available which a part of the SimulMind can be uploaded into. With stable intercontinental travel still a while away, you could still walk around beautiful coastal Houston, Texas one moment and be in the deep Saharah desert the next. There are also androids on the moon and on Mars for research purposes that can part-time be used for exploration. And seeing the recent discovery that Faster Than Light travel will not be possible, SimulMinds are the only ones who will one day be able to travel the stars in their lifetime.


    For all that can't be reached in real life, there's VirtuHex. Virtual Reality technology has been around forever, but getting the experiences into a human body has always been challenging. However a SimulMind can be linked into the software directly, meaning you can't just see and hear virtual reality, you can also feel, smell and taste it. Have you always wondered what our ancestors tasted when they ate meat? Wonder no more. Want to visit places that no longer exist? Go for it. Want to explore the stars but stay on home? There's no frontier too final for you. For the SimulMind, VirtuHex is as real as they want to be and you can even pass the limits of your imagination.

  • ParticipationWhat should I know?

    There are many reasons for wanting to be part of the Human+ Project. It should however be noted that seeing two people will exist who both have the same experiences and history, there are many things that should be thought out before you go through the process. Our experience is that the best way to deal with this is, is a talk group with other people who will go through the process. For now this is a fully online process you can join in on. We require you to send us a personality profile before you join one of these groups, and you'll be asked specific questions about your SimulMind future that you might not have considered. You can then talk them through with the group, as well as other things that may come up. We are hoping to limit experiences with non-ethical euthanasia.

    Click here to sign up
    Reasons for joining

    There are several reasons people might want to join the Human+ Project.

    • ○ You could be old and want a chance to see how your family line continues into the future.
    • ○ You may be terminally ill and are hoping to have a better life in some form.
    • ○ You may be suffering from severe body dysphoria due to scarring or gender dysphoria and seeing your SimulMind can have any shape or form you want, your SimulMind would be free of these things.
    • ○ You may wish to experience and explore new things that are impossible to explore in real life and wish to tell yourself about it.
    • ○ You may simply be looking for an alternative to childbirth to raise a new generation, keeping in line with the new ethical viewpoint of the world.

    Whatever your reason might be, we're hoping you'll find something for you.

  • Divergence Point FoundationImproving LARP

    Keeping it simple

    Divergence Point was founded on the 15th of August 2017 as a continuation of their journey in the LARP world.
    It was made to experiment with new concept and to offer a wide platform for all who needed it. They have the following goals:

    • ○ Organising LARPs
    • ○ Offering support to other LARP organisations
    • ○ Improving the culture around and the perception of LARP

    They're hoping to grant new experiences and waiting with their arms wide to take the next step together.

    Mail them here

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  • Contact usOur info

    Lady with headset
    Contact info

    We would prefer you ask any questions you have through our Discord, so other people might benefit. If it's more private, you can email us any questions at or send us a Facebook message.

    Sign Up

    You will be able to sign up for our events at You can sign up to the first event on the 28th of May, 2021 at 20:00 CET/GMT+2. The event will cost €7,50.


    Click below to reach our socials

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    Discord Logo
  • PRIVACY PolicyGeneral Divergence Point Foundation Privacy

    Data and storage

    You can expect us to handle your data with great care. To start, this website can only be accessed via SSL, which, as far as we can manage, guarantees a safe connection between you and us. Any data you enter is stored on Divergence Point's own dedicated VMs, which run nothing but Divergence Point software and can only be accessed directly by our two sysadmins. We do store back-ups on a region-locked Amazon S3 bucket in Frankfurt. Of course, we store your password hashed (=inreversible) and your other sensitive data encrypted with a unique key per user. We promise to never share your data with third parties and we guarantee your data stays within the EU.

    Bank and Payment Data

    We strive to store as little of this as possible. Currently, we store a transaction ID and any statusses we've received from our paymentprovider. All other data is stored with out payment provider. You can find out more about them here: This means we explicitly do not store any bank-related data such as which bank you use, or your account and/or creditcardnumber.


    This system does not use tracking cookies. It does make use of so-called functional cookies. These are not used to track user behaviour and simply exist to allow secure loggins and such. Note: This specific website does also not use functional cookies.

    Retention Period

    We store your personal data for at most 3 years after you've last signed up to one of our events. After that time, we anonimize your data and remove all information related to first-aid, organizational info, medical info, and allergies. Data related to IC events and/or characters will be kept indefinately, but will be stored without being linekd to your personal data.

    Right to be Forgotten

    The Divergence Point Foundation believes strongly in privacy and data security. As such, we prefer an easy approach to the Right to be Forgotten. Should you wish us to scrub your data before the end of the retention period, send us an e-mail and we'll get that done ASAP.

    Right of Access

    Of course, we also support the Right of Access. You can request access via an e-mail to Do keep in mind that this system does not keep any notes save those you fill in yourself, so all you'll see here is the data you've entered yourself, a history of the events you've signed up to, and a payment history. The Right of Access explicitly does not cover any business related to IC information.

  • World HistoryThe post-consumer world

    What was our story?

    After recent successes with fusion, we can now safely say we made it through the climate crisis of the 21st century. It is sad that we had to face the brink of destruction, and many coastal countries will be missed, but at least it brought us together. Humanity has rallied under a United Earth Government and carbon emissions have finally been eliminated.

    Although no-one over the age of 80 has had anything but a vegan diet and most people have not been able to experience intercontinental travel, fusion technology will bring new long range maglev trains, allowing you to reach other continents in ethically sound ways. When disaster was here, we finally stopped squabbling about religion, race, sex and gender and decided to accept everyone for who they were in this post-capitalism society.

    With the dissolution of nations and mega-corporations, many technologies were discovered that had been meant to survive a broken earth. From the computers of LinTech came the technology to upload the human mind, as it’s founders had planned to spend their days in a server run by a nuclear fission reactor. It had not turned out as they wanted it, as only a copy was uploaded and the physical board members unplugged the server on their new minds out of spite.

    Now however the world is not run by greed anymore. The LinTech technology has been made public and the Human+ project came around.

  • EventWhat the evening looks like

    About a week before the event you'll be given the role of player in the Discord. This will allow you to go into several channels that allow you to hype and get to know other players. Then on the evening itself, you're expected to be there around 19:00 CET, 19:10 at the latest. Because this is quite a heavy LARP, we will not allow anyone who is not at check in and getting to know each other to participate for their own safety.

    Check in and check out are systems in which everyone will get the chance to let the group know in what state they arrive or leave in. It might be a short moment to release the tension of your day or the event and to arrive in the right headspace. If you have any fears at the start of the evening, you can state them here as well. Is something about play bothering you afterwards, you're free to release them here. Getting to know the other players is also an important part of this, because we want you to be comfortable with each other.

    Play will be done in voice chat with camera on. You don't have to dress up, because everyone looks sort of the same, but it is allowed if you want to look slightly futuristic. There will be a voice chat for people who want to play in a smaller group for a bit, and a voice chat where you can vent out of character.

    The Schedule (all times in CET)

    19:00: Welcome and arrival
    19:10: Check in
    19:20: Getting to know the other players
    19:30: Explanation of safety mechanisms
    19:30+ - 22:30: About 3 hours of play with short breaks.
    22:30: Check out and good bye
    The schedule may slightly move depending on the needs at the time.

  • ExpectationsThemes and Facilities

    Final Utopia is a short larp event that will be run at least once. It will last one evening in which you’ll go through a story arc with your character, together with other characters. There will be limited storyteller interference, except in the shaping of the event and the hosting of the evening, but it will mostly be about player on player interaction.

    We will deal with themes of mortality, trans-humanism and reality. It is not a light LARP, although all conflict will come from yourself. The LARPs aim is to create a unique experience that makes you think in a safe way and for a cheap price. Most of the money will go to virtual designs and ways to make the experience more real, plus of course webhosting. Any money left over will go to the Divergence Point Foundation to help their other LARPs.

    What you will receive

    • ○ Access to several plot-threads that you may weave into your character
    • ○ Help setting up a character for the event through contact with the storyteller
    • ○ Check in and check out on the LARP, as well as emotional support afterwards if needed
    • ○ A space to play in. During current times this will be an online space with ample decoration to get you in character. If the world permits and this concept is popular, future short larps might be run in person.
  • LimitsThe Do's and Don'ts of this LARP

    A lot of topics may come up. The screening process is set up for example to prevent people from commiting non-ethical suicide after the upload. Topics such as body dysphoria, suicide and depression may come up and you should be ready to deal with these topics. There will be care on hand and a safety protocol will be set up to remove yourself from any situation, but this might be an intense experience. Feel free to ask for elaboration on any safety mechanisms that will be in play during the night on the night itself, though they will all be explained. Expect the stoplight system and a break out room.

    These topics will explicitly not be allowed

    There will be no discrimination of any kind. Everyone accepts each other as a unique individual and although themes like race, gender and gender roles, sexual orientation, religion and such may come up, everything in this new future accepts all other humans unquestioningly. In this future, everyone may identify themselves as they wish. In this utopia, any sort of discrimination is a distant memory and your character will thus not know of it.

    These topics you might need to prepare for

    As mentioned before, any mental health issues or physical health issues may come up. Lethal diseases, unacceptance of self, internal suffering, intergenerational trauma, aging and death are a non-exhaustive list. Also the themes of ethical euthanasia and suicide are almost certain to come up. Please consider if you would be able to play with any of these themes during the night. Although trained support will be set up, currently no mental health professionals are attached to this project.

  • MoodWhat will it look like?


    We want to again stress that you are not required to dress up for this event. Now we do know it'll help people get in the mood. Because we know a lot of people are visual thinkers, we have made a pinterest moodboard for your use. Also, below you'll find a short description of the general visuals of the event.

    Mood board
    The Style of the Future

    The only things you will really not see in the future is real furs, pelts and leather, but technology has progressed so far that fake versions are visually indistinguishable. Generally there's two types of people: Those who choose to be as environmentally friendly as possible by completely recycling their outfit, often noted by their slightly mismatched style, and those who get new plant-based products who generally follow the new age sleek style. Though these are of course the noted biggest groups, but people who wear just simple yet environmentally friendly outfits also exist a-plenty.

    The tech is generally sleek and slender. Though bionics and cybernetics do exist, they are generally sleek and polished. You might see the seams of a prosthetic arm, or a small metallic patch where an implant is, they will generally not be too focus drawing. Definitely nothing with sharp jagged edges. Any cyberpunk or steampunk will likely fall outside the style, although cyberpunk and steampunk enthusiasts still exist in the future.

    Although no and nude make-up is generally accepted for all genders, it is always fine to express yourself any way you like. Make-up is generally the one thing most people are willing to go very extravagant in if they want to express themselves, with bold colours and big strokes.